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Motorcycles, music, travels, fashion. Anvil Motociclette is not just a brand, it is not just a garage, but it is first of all a strong and determined idea, or even better a real life-style.


This is how Anvil motorbikes acquire a restored vintage style, maintaining the same soul of past times motorbikes. That is what makes them special: the care and valorization of old marks. In every motorbike we try to keep and exalt the precious scratches of their long and exciting life.

Anvil Motociclette mainly deals with production of special motorcycle inspired by the world cafe racer, scrambler, flat track, street tracker, brat style.


The highlight of the collection are t-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts with patches applied to the world inspired vintage bikers, and our lifestyle.

Anvil Motorcycle’s jackets are built following the old standards tailored revisited in fit.

Each jackets is packed from the hands of Italian craftsmen, using strictly raw materials coming from Italian ground.

In the DNA of Anvil Motociclette is the close link between the aesthetics and character of past adapted to contemporary needs and attention that only the manufacturing and design made in Italy can give.

Anvil Motociclette was born in 2012 from the minds and hearts of Alessandro “Phonz” Fontanesi, a past as a fashion designer and friend Marco Filios, experience as an Art Director and Creative Director of a historic Italian brand specialized in motorcycle clothing taylor-made.

In their world Motors, travel, music, fashion universes are indispensable to each other.

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